• Learn among friends

    The EHBA offers you a space where to learn Spanish in a friendly and aproachable environment.
  • Spanish as official language

    21 countries around the world use Spanish as official language.
  • Spanish as a second language

    18 millon people study Spanish as second language around the world.
  • Spanish in the future

    10% of the world's population will communicate in Spanish in three or four generations.
  • Spanish for tourism

    México, Dominican Republic and Cuba are the main touristic destination for Canadians, just after the USA.
  • Spanish On-line

    Spanish is the third most used language on the WEB.

Welcome to the Edmonton Hispanic Bilingual Association (EHBA)!

Fall term 2016 classes and registration

  • School Address: McKernan School. 11330-76 Avenue, Edmonton, AB
  • In-Person Registration: Tuesday, September 6th 7-9:00pm (no classes)
  • Online Registrations for Fall 2016 now available.
  • Early Bird Special! $230 General Tuition, $200 Student Tuition and $180 for Seniors (65+)
  • Fall Early Bird Special is valid until August 30th, 2016!
  • Regular Prices: $250 General Tuition, $220 Student Tuition and $200 for Seniors (65+)
  • Books are $55, includes text and workbook and are good for several courses (see courses)
  • Classes Start September 13th, 2016 (Tuesdays) and September 17th, 2016 (Saturdays)
  • Classes End November 22nd, 2016 (Tuesdays) and November 26th, 2016 (Saturdays)
  • Winter Registration is available on the last day of Fall classes for all current students
  • Levels offered: on Tuesday and Saturday: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 & Advanced Conversation.


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Learn among friends

Register to the EHBA and learn the Spanish language always surrounded by friends.
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